Building a Rule of Law Society

Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) elaborated a project titled: “Building a rule of law society: to enhance bases of Democratic Governance and Rule of law” to support the Ministry of Economy and trade and ministry of Health through series of inter-related activities. 

The main objective of this project is to assist and positively advocate the targeted Lebanese ministries to issue the implementing decrees of the laws that have been previously adopted by the Parliament. Thus, by improving the efficiency of the law making process in Lebanon, this project, is promoting good governance.

The project will address 3 adopted laws for which implementing decrees are needed: 
1) The law on the Mechanism to Protect Confidentiality of Citizens’ DNA Information,
2) The food safety law,
3) The Law of Measurement and Scaling System in Lebanon (Metrology).

The project activities are mainly the following:

1. Drafting of the implementing decrees: 
The project supported the ministry of health and ministry of economy by the technical and legal expertise to draft the implementing decrees for the three selected laws.
-The law of Protection of Confidential DNA Information for Lebanese Citizens: to elaborate on the mechanisms and institutional frameworks and processes to protect confidential information pertaining to Lebanese citizens’ DNA from private or public intrusion. 
-Food safety law: to cover food processing, packaging, distribution, storing and cooling until food is handed over to the consumer.
-The Law of Measurements and Scaling System in Lebanon (Metrology): to provide scientific bases for measurement and scaling in Lebanon.

2. National discussion groups: 
LFPCP organized 3 national discussions groups / workshops. Each workshop discussed one of the targeted laws to raise awareness and advocate for good governance and the rule of law to policy-makers.

3. Awareness raising campaign: 
LFPCP produced three short video spots in order to raise public awareness on the topics tackled by the project. These video spots have been broadcasted on social media as well as national TV stations. 

In addition to other related and complementary activities.

Project duration: One year Project (June 2017 - June 2018).

The project is within the framework of USAID-funded project Building Alliance for Local Advancement Development and Investment-Capacity Building (BALADI CAP).

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