Citizen for Tomorrow: Civil Culture

Citizen for Tomorrow. Patterns of Civic Culture is not a book to memorise or to dictate to pupils. It is not a textbook within an official syllabus is schools and formal education. It is a resource book addressed to youngsters, youngster's associations, cultural associations, educational and cultural institutions, institutions concerned with training and habilitation, the media and to all those who – of all age- are yearning for renewed consideration of public issues after so much suffering and so many ordeals. It is a study of civil culture as a comprehensive operation including educational institutions, the family, life-long friends, the environment, civil society and the media.

One can use this book and of each of its chapters in various ways. Leaders of groups of youngsters, trainers persons in charge of instructive media programs should choose whatever is suitable to the group they are working with, exploit the contents and incite critical minds and creative work. Some chapters may be changed into audio-visual methods.

The criterion for evaluation is people's self-conviction. It is impossible nowadays to build a civic culture, one which would promote citizenship and appropriate behaviour through dictation or memorization or filling up of the brain with stereotyped ideologies. Educational means today are variegated and competitive namely with all the informational and communication facilities. So much that totalitarian regimes are incapable of diffusing their stereotypes or of convincing people of principles in the elaboration of which they didn't take part or do not understand or cannot criticize, enrich or develop.

When a good text is made available then one can find the right colours and pictures to make the former more appealing.