Support to Judiciary Bodies: Training of Lebanese Judges and Lawyers on Human Rights Conventions

The overall objective is to promote better functioning of the Lebanese judiciary system with respect to human rights and fundamental freedoms.

To enhance the effective application of the Conventions of Human Right by Judges and Lawyers throughout proceedings before the courts, by increasing their knowledge related to human rights concepts and international jurisprudence.

The project include the following activities:

1. Training: The training programme will be composed of six training sessions divided in two parts:         
        A. Three training days/ training sessions on Human Rights conventions and standards for Judges, 
and  B. Three training days/ sessions on Human Rights Conventions and standards for Lawyers.

2. Manual: at the end of the project a training manual will be produced compiling the different lectures and training that was conducted.

Duration: One year project – 2015.

This project is funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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