Improving Parliamentary Administration

A modern and active parliamentary administration is a key element for well-functioning Parliament and for providing excellent support to MPs in all areas of their parliamentary work.

The all over purpose of the project is to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices on key elements of successful management and functioning of Parliaments administration.

The project includes the following activities:
1 – Organization a two days conference/workshop in Beirut at the Lebanese Parliament premises aims at strengthening parliamentary administration for an effective law making process. The conference will include Secretaries General of Parliaments of some Arab countries and EU National Parliaments. 
2- Formulation of conclusions and writing a synthesis in three languages: Arabic, French and English and disseminating it.

Duration: Three Months project – October to December 2017.

This project is funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.


Related activities

  • Conference of the Secretaries General of Arab and European Parliaments

    Conference of the Secretaries General of Arab and European Parliaments
    Dec 19, 2017
    On 18 and 19 of December 2017, a conference for Secretaries General of the Arab Parliaments with the participation of Secretaries General of European countries Parliaments, was held in the national parliament of Lebanon, to discuss how to improve Parliamentary Administration, Sharing Knowledge and Experience, Best Practice, Challenges and Future Perspectives.