Officials and citizens find solutions together

The overall aim of this project is to:
  1. Empower people to collaborate with the elected bodies by launching local debates around common and shared issues; 
  2. Realize the importance of the joined citizen-officials work, which enhance the awareness of the common public interest, leading to a better quality of all-day life.   
  3. Support and empower the joined work of local citizens and officials.

The program activities are to be fulfilled in 2014 in order to strengthen the relationship between citizens and their representatives:
  1. Opinion Polls / One citizen – one need: in order to assess Jounieh and Jbeil’s needs  
  2. Town Hall meetings putting together the municipality and the locals  
  3. Random Visits of local elected officials to local houses, popular places (coffee shops, public squares etc.), in order to help them increase the trust gained during elections
  4. Candidates debate: giving citizens and social figures the opportunity to discuss important matters 
This current project, along with many previous projects lead by LFPCP, has helped spreading the culture of public interest on local level, where citizens get the chance to take initiatives, participate and back the common interest, knowing that practicing local decentralization is a guarantee to the success of any prescribed decentralization.