Education and culture of human rights in Arab universities today

Project Objectives:
  1. Monitor the current condition of Human Rights education and culture in Arab Universities, especially during the democratic shifts 
  2. Identify the obstacles to this process
  3. Focus on positive and standard paradigms
  4. Precise the deviations that might occur in the world, in the current Arab situation, and in the education of law, far beyond the real meaning of the concept
Project activities:
  1. Survey on the current condition of Human Rights Education in some Arab Universities especially at law faculties.
  2. Two days seminar in Beirut putting together researchers and academics from all over the Arab region, coming from different universities: a) General Introduction over the problematic of Human Rights Education and culture in Arab universities, during the current shifts. b) Write a synthesis and practical propositions. c) Dissemination of the seminar’s content to various media agencies.  
  3. Publish a book including the different discussions, interventions, analysis and final conclusions of the seminar.
This program is funded by Konrad Adenaeur

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