Fostering Democratic Values Among Young Leaders

This project is designed to enhance the understanding of democratic values among youth leaders and increase the civic involvement of school students to consolidate the foundations of democracy in Lebanon.

This project has the following objectives:
Create a sustainable framework in Lebanese schools that promotes the importance of human rights, citizenship and the practice of democracy among students.
Strengthen the knowledge of the young students about civil service, positive thinking, understanding of democracy and global citizenship.
Design and implement practical hands-on projects among the young students to improve their skills and encourage them to create new tools for raising awareness on citizenship and democracy.


This project will strengthen the capacity of 34 youth advocates (fellows) on citizenship, democracy and human rights.

The fellows will then train 1000 underprivileged school students from 7 schools at different regions in Lebanon (North, South, Mount Lebanon and Bekaa) on the best practices of citizenship, democracy and human rights through different and creative Extra Curriculum Activities (ECAs).
The trained school students will develop and implement community initiatives and practice lessons learned civic values. 

The project will organize a one day platform event for the trained schools students from the different targeted schools will come to Beirut to present their implemented initiatives as well as to discuss some of their different interests, ambitions with senior professionals in a 4 themes round tables.
The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) will issue a publication that will include the various project initiatives and the round tables outcomes and recommendations.

Duration: One year project from 1 September, 2015 until August 31, 2016

The Project is funded by MEPI and is one of two-stand alone projects - the other implemented by Teach for Lebanon.