Unions and parties

Strategic Goal 1: Revitalization and strengthening the role of labor unions in public policy in Lebanon, thus reducing the risk of sectarian hegemony and partitocracy.


Strategic Goal 2: Promotion of culture of the Public Affairs at the citizens on the following basis: Concerned, responsible and participant (Ma'ni, mas'ûl, mushârik)


Strategic Goal 3: Increase the immunity of the judiciary institutions.

Public Policy

Strategic objective 4: Encouraging the initiatives from the perspective of drafting public policies and their implementation at national and local levels.

Human rights and civil peace

Strategic Objective 5: To disseminate and promote human rights culture and values and strengthen civil peace and shared collective memory

Knowledge Production 

The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace work continuously to the achievement of researches and applied studies and production of diversified material in relation to its strategy for the dissemination, promotion and strengthening of the operational knowledge research. 

Therefore; Researches, studies and publications are considered an ongoing activity listed under all the strategic goals and pillars of work of the foundation.