• The legality unites us (al-Qanun 'ajma'una): All citizens below the law, the constitutional reference is the agreement and not unanimity being the mainstay of Understanding (Wifaq).
  • The meaning of Lebanon (ma'na Lubnān): Democratic management of pluralism and safeguarding of cultural and religious pluralistic fabric in the Arab region and in societies ravaged by identity conflicts.
  • Lebanese unity (al-Wihdat lubnâniyyîn): Freedom, solidarity, common life and shared vital interests: Homeland is relationships between us.
  • Compromise without compromising the principle: The Lebanese shared and common values​​, tolerance, moderate, peaceful conflict mitigation, are the pillars and bases of any compromise, (taswiya), while the comprome of the principle (musâwama) postpone the conflict that explodes later overloaded with all the legacy of the past.
  • Pact, Commitment and link:  Our pacts are constants that we should enrich without canceling (nughnîha wala nulghîha).
  • Lebanon, from the arena to the homeland (min al-Saha ila al-watan): Avoid any tendency of a victory against a national partner (istiqwâ ') and promote the common perception of the external threat.
  • Lebanon has taught me ('allamanî Lubnān): Politicians and Lebanese in general are two categories, not Muslims and Christians, but those who have learned from the wars in Lebanon arena - field (Lubnān al-Saha) and those who ... have not!